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Blackshape Prime
The Prime is a revolutionary ultralight aircraft featuring a full carbon fiber frame, which makes for an extremely strong and low weight aircraft. The unparalleled, standard safety features and specially designed 4 spar cockpit ensure you will fully enjoy the high speed and agility that the Prime was built for. The advanced diagnostic module, unique in its kind and specifically designed for Blackshape, monitors parameters during flight and presents you with both in-air and post-flight reports on the status of the aircraft.
The Prime combines sportiness with versatility and creates a flying experience unlike any other.  Focused on power, speed, control, luxury and freedom, the Prime is the perfect aircraft for those looking to pilot innovation and excellent craftsmanship.  
Whether it be a sport aircraft enthusiast who lives life to the fullest, or the experienced pilot who seeks unparalleled control and power in a light sport aircraft, or the executive looking to harness productivity through increased mobility and reduced travel time, the Prime is the plane of choice.
Inspired by Bepi Vidor, the thrillingly nimble Prime's sleek styling and advanced computer modeled body constructed entirely in composite materials offers sport plane enthusiasts the maximum in comfort and control.  Designed for sport aviation, its advanced structural calculus combined with the composite material results in an aircraft that is extremely compact and lightweight while exceeding performance expectations in its class.
The Prime cruises at 275 km/h (75% power) and has a speed at maximum continuous power of 300 km/h.  Exceptional take off and landing performance, coupled with the ease of handling and extremely sturdy landing gear, allow for use on short runways (150m takeoff and landing) including those that are unpaved surfaces or short grass.
State of the art computation and modeling tools were intensively used in the design of this aircraft to optimize, among other things, comfort, making both cockpits roomy enough to fit even 95th percentile pilots.  The aircraft's ergonomic seats provide unprecedented comfort on long trips, while the position of the back passenger's seat provides optimal visuals and effectiveness when flying tandem.
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