2012-02-21 *

Official visit from Italian Cabinet Minister


The Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Prof. Fabrizio Barca, visited the premises of Blackshape SPA on February 21st, in a tour of excellence of exceptionally enterprising Southern Italian businesses.
Blackshape is one of only three companies selected by the Minister as part of the tour. ”It was a stimulating and noteworthy meeting in an innovative and solid Italian enterprise. I witnessed today an exemplary model of the synergy created between private capital and business and I saw a business angel that knew how to bet on a small business to help it grow. An excellent job”. Prof. Barca declared to the journalists present during his tour of the Blackshape facilities. The visit allowed the Minister to assess firsthand the highest level of innovation in science and technology, as well as the production process used for the design and implementation of the Blackshape Prime.
“Blackshape is growing in size and expanding to other geographic markets which, for us, are synonymous with gaining the trust of both our customers and governmental institutions. Now all of our efforts are concentrated on obtaining industry certifications and doubling the current capacity to meet demand” said Luciano Belviso, Blackshape’s CEO.
These sentiments were echoed by Cavaliere di Lavoro Vito Pertosa, President of Angel Investments, the majority shareholder in Blackshape SPA, who also attended the meeting. “We’ve invested heavily and we will continue to invest in a company that grows in size, markets and revenue. Our objective is to soon become one of the great European aircraft manufacturers “, stated Mr. Pertosa.
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